''The Newspaper'' a.k.a ''Not the unimaginative book you get at conferences''

OXFORD JAM: a socent explosion of organised chaos

The Preamble

One week after the Oxford jam(http://www.oxfordjam.org.uk) and my intense journey into the burgeoning and confusing transport networks of London, I am sitting down after 11 hours of sleep and a cheesecake and tea to pen my tale.

As an aspiring social entrepreneur and SIE Intern(Scottish Institute for Enterprise), I have often surfed the net to look for inspiration. The successful entrepreneurs I met at the SIE Summit in March told me to surround myself with positive people but I’ve found that to be the hardest requirement for setting up a business. Unfortunately, all of my friends and family except my best friend are archetypically either not interested or highly sceptical of the success rate of start-ups. Therefore, finding Oxford Jam was like finding a pound coin in a handbag full of receipts and flyers. The idea of organised chaos as a space for inspiration and knowledge for social entrepreneurs is nothing short of genius. I thought it would be great for me to go there for my own benefit and to promote SIE(http://www.sie.ac.uk).

''The Newspaper'' a.k.a ''Not the unimaginative book you get at conferences''

SIE works to promote entrepreneurship on campus in Scottish universities. One of the ways SIE achieves that is through having interns at each university who plan competitions and events to encourage and support students. I happen to be the Intern for the University of Glasgow. Knowing very well that there was no chance of me attending Oxford Jam without some fundraising, I approached SIE and Student Enterprise bosses at my university. Fiona Godsman, the CEO of SIE and Eileen and Greig from Student Enterprise were kind enough to sponsor me for my trip down South. After much calculation, I realised I still wasn’t quite able to afford this into my student budget. Therefore, I signed up as a helper for the Applicants Day at my university on the day before Oxford Jam and was the ‘bus guide’ for 8 hours. Finally, my father surprised me by giving me some money for my trip. By 3.30 pm, a tired but excited me was geared up for my trip and 9 hours later, I was in London. A valid question at this point would be whether it really lived upto my expectation? I suppose that would have to wait till the next blog ‘installment’.

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