Top 7 tips for exams

I wrote these down as my Growth, Finance and Trade in Less Developed Countries Professor, Gregory Huff, who teaches at Glasgow and University of Oxford. He said he asked his wife, an accomplished exam taker who got the highest grade in LSE. First of all, it was so sweet that he said that he had learned many things from his wife and he certainly seemed enamoured by her intellect. So, I started writing down the tips she gave him(which he wrote down on a piece of paper) and I must say, though they are so simple- they are exactly those things that are forgotten under panic.

1- Read the whole exam paper!

2- Don’t panic. Figure out what the question is asking.

3- Answer the question. Repeat the words in the question

4- If you can’t answer the question think of something else that you might knowthat beats on the question

5- Don’t write too long an answer

6- Use concrete examples if possible

7- Think of the issue. There will be some theory and same evidence or examples that you can use in you answer; use it.

Good luck for all the exams.

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