What does your mug say about you today?

My mug says ‘Monday Morning Inertia’ which means today I am having difficulty getting back to work with the weekend not-doing-anything hangover– relatively. I say relatively because the past 3 weeks have been manic busy. Anyway, so for those who know me really well, they would know that I am a collector of mugs. I love mugs. They make me feel relaxed instantly and remind me of home. Thick Porcelain skin with a majestic shape: the grandeur mug. Thin, flower-printed coloured: the grandma mug. And then you have the others..

Mugs say a lot about people. Why? Because coffee and tea lovers are to their coffee/tea as smokers are to their cigarette: attached. Mugs are therefore, what bridge you to your favourite thing to drink. People in business go a further step and drink these rich liquids at every meeting and several times during the day in the office (therefore, leading to the ‘kettle rounds’). What does your mug say about you?

I’m the kind of person who easily gets really enthusiastic about little things. In short, it is easy to motivate me. I understand it is not the same case with some people. So, on one ‘Lazy Sunday’ kind of a day in the office I grabbed my plain, white canvas, thick porcelain mug and took a white-board marker and wrote: Hello. It looked so picturesque on my desk that I picked it up again, wiped it off and wrote this:

So here are some of the examples of what my days have looked like this week.

Give it a go yourself. All you need is a white mug and a white-board marker. I call this the Mug Therapy (trying very hard not to give it away by the name!). You will find that work becomes a little more interesting this way…

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