Social Media Week: All eyes on Glasgow

What is in this post: How I got involved with Social Media Week Glasgow and all the exciting ideas that I have for it!

I cannot emphasise how passionate I am about social media. Even though I grew up with it, it has completely changed the way I interact within society. And I couldn’t contain my excitement when I learnt Glasgow was one of the host cities for Global Social Media weeks. I love doing social media so much (its a two-way thing I think!) that I have started my own community management/social media consultancy Building Your Momentum. Here is the low down on it in less than 100 words:

12 cities in the world host Global Social Media weeks where different groups/organisations showcasing free events, celebrating the spirit of social media. Where it is about social media- it is a little also about showing off how well social media is used in your city. Glasgow is fortunate enough to be accepted as the first city in UK after London to be a host during September 19-23 2011. All eyes will be on Glasgow.(72 words- just saying!)

And the people to bring this all to the possibility of happening are the fabulous Twintangibles: Tim and Daniella in collaboration with NewMedia Corp. They are the most connected people in Glasgow and willing to help. I sent them one email saying I was really excited about the week and wanted to help, and I got a prompt reply from Daniella for a meeting. A coffee later with the twintangibles, I was deeply involved in making sure this was the best week of the year for Glasgow. I am telling you all of this because I have helped to organise 5 events during social media week. How much more involved can you get? (Tim and Daniella don’t count).

Let me tell you about what I’m involved in and then I’ll talk about the 3 events I will definitely be going to apart from these:

1- Get Hired through Social media – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blog? How can you utilise social media to actually get hired! Already sold out- this one is going to be great.

2- Escape the hashtag: Creative ways of building momentum through social media for events. A mouthful it is I know but this is going to be epic! I’m sick and tired of conventional social media approach to events. Come to this event to see what other things you can do for events! A youth activist(he’ll be in INC magazine soon!) from Paris coupled with some creative social media techniques plus it’s at the Scottish Cocktail bar of the year!

3- Glasgow University Dialectic Society – a debating society founded in 1451 does an online political debate on facebook. Everybody should participate!

4- The Loft Creative Studio’s Future Forward – design and branding all done with soul. From watching the design process to documenting and engaging with an audience through social media, you will not be bored.  This is one will be fantastic!

SO, why SMWGla? One- you are making history. Two- you will learn so much for free that you might not get this chance again the whole year. Three- you will meet the most interesting people from all spheres of life in Glasgow in one event that these contacts will be worth keeping. Four- don’t be a kill joy! Spread the excitement and let’s make SMWGla epic. See you all there or in the twitterosphere.

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