Stumbling across a block

WordPress tells me I haven’t written anything for the past 100 days. People around me know it is hardly because I have nothing to say. One wonders why then the sudden writers block. There are many theories to why this happens. I will explain mine in one word@ Burnout (it’s not one word but it is now since I have taken up the offer of creative license). But. Before we go into any of that, some discussion of the strange regularity with which ones finds oneself in the midst or out of a clique. Groups are an interesting phenomena to look at it because they form on the basis of simalarity- colour, religion, interest or bond etc. So, groups essentially fulfilla self-defining role for individuals. One can be a member of many groups but it’s when groups conflicts of interests or let’s just call it as it is (prejudice) ensues which causes tensions between people of those groups and the individual at the middle of the tug-and-war. This has been researched with particular fondness by psychologists all around the world with sometimes surprising but mostly, expected results. Something that stirred interest in this fora for me has been my recent interaction with a particular clique I have never been part of at a particular part of university. I have however, been part of another clique and recently found that I suddenly knew much more than an organisation who was supposed to be operating in that industry. News spreads from word-to-mouth but people choose to tell you if they feel you merit the knowledge. That to me is where cliques discriminate to their own disadvantage because you never know who will be of more resource to you or a particular group if you isolate all their identities in favor of the one that you cannot realte to. It’s sad and unproductive. It’s the same discrimination that happened to women and look how far we are now with Harvard Business Review saying:

The Female Factor: ”The finding: There’s little correlation between a group’s collective intelligence and the IQs of its individual members. But if a group includes more women, its collective intelligence rises.”

This blog post is confused because of the block but I hope stumbling across this block and writing this confused blogpost will allow me to break through the shackles.

Have you experienced writers block before? What do you do to break through it? I’ll be publishing the best responses. Comment below or tweet to @herahussain

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3 thoughts on “Stumbling across a block

  1. Interesting article, I encounter writers block in others almost weekly and have also encountered it myself at times. I find the best way to combat ‘block’ is to read over old material and have a brainstorming session.


    • What an interesting way to break the block! Thankyou for sharing. I haven’t tried that and will try every remedy anybody suggests to get me back into my usual shape. Oh, and thankyou for replying so quick!

  2. Writers block is a pretty regular occurrence for me, unfortunately. What I like to do is make a mix of music that suits my mood but also inspires creativity, then listen to it as I write, or think about what I’m going to write. Usually works pretty well, too!

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