Year 22- reflections and hopes…


I turned 22 on December 14th. It was a strange evening. It’s even stranger to write this, dear readers, knowing fully well that it is 2012- the year of fresh beginnings as we have been told. I recently came across a tweet that which made me think alot about my life and why I felt so sombre on my birthday and New Years. Looking back, I have achieved so much more yet so much less than I wanted to- here is a 20 second summary of my year so far. I became the first Scot to become a Startingbloc fellow, jetted off to New York to become part of a powerful tribe of changemakers, came back and got elected as a College Convenor for the representative student body at Glasgow University, gave my Prime Ministerial at University Parliamentary Debating, became the Deputy Head Clarke for debates, won Intern of the Year and got to go to Entrepreneurial Exchange in Gleneagles, got a fantastic internship, went to Paris for Ashoka Changemakers Week, came back and  gave lots of talks/organised lots of talks for Social Media Week, won a Nokia phone for being a twitter socialite in Glasgow and launched my career as a freelancer(Building Your Momentum). Now, my dearest readers, I am out of breath just by writing this and I’m sure you are too – tired of all the commas. The grammar fairy must be hurling itself on the wall in frustration. It has been an epic year. Of all the things that I got to do in this jam-packed year(remember, I still am at university!) – the happiness I felt from all of it all had the same underlying themes: 1-meeting great people 2-learning something new 3-teaching/inspiring someone else 4-understanding humanity 5- the simple act of help. But as you were expecting, the year has not been easy. At times, it has been a struggle to just get past the days and at other times, it was like I was walking on water with the moments where my feet touched coal. I saw this tweet the other day and it made me think long and hard about the future that lay ahead of me but also about self-identity. “What am I willing to sacrifice for what I want to become?”-Anonymous Self-identity is perhaps the most fundamental psycho-social spiritual concepts of our existence. It makes us hate or love ourselves and makes us be known for our bravery, complexes and usually is open to critic by the public eye. It lands you into the lap of love and snatches you from safety to dump you into the despair of prejudice and violence. It is the most private yet public facet of humanity. My challenge for 2012 is to embrace every aspect of my identity and not allow anybody to tell me what it should be. It doesn’t mean I won’t allow others to be a part of my self-identity but nobody else will be able to define my self-identity.

I can summarize 2011 as being my diary of initiative.

Here is how my blog will be changing

1- the Friday oilamp series: I will share a piece of poetry that incites something inside of me. It could be in any language. If you would like to share something, then please get in touch and you can guest blog!

2- Due to popular demand(*wide smile*), I will be blogging twice a month.

I have a few other ideas but I’m starting with these. Once I get used to this, I’ll bring in some new stuff. But before I sign off, have a look at the Friday oilamp which features as promised a poem I wrote when I was 15.

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2 thoughts on “Year 22- reflections and hopes…

  1. Not half bad for a beginner; not bad at all.

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