The excitement of having an unexciting wardrobe for March…

It’s the 1st of March which can only mean one thing: RAG Week at the University and One Dress One

Whats One Dress One Month?

Just like the Uniform Project, One Dress One Month is exactly what it sounds like: Women wear the same dress every day for the whole month to raise money for charity. I did this last year and it was such a great challenge! Not only did I hand-wash for the first time in my life- I also enjoyed the feeling of conquering a challenge that seems most uncomfortable and unpleasant.

The first thing I am often asked about this is: Can you wash it? I would be tempted to say No just to see the reaction but lo and behold, most people by this point are wincing their nose trying to detect sweat and food off me. Tut tut. All they get in return is a smirk from my dress, a smile from me and CK original.

The rules are simple: I can accessorize the dress as much as I want as long as the dress does not leave my body. Infact, last year- I did 3 interviews in it and it made a wonderful talking point during the interview. This year will be even more exciting. I have set up a tumblr for it: where you can see pictures of what I get to every day.

Why do I this?

1- To raise money for Glasgow Women’s Aid- a commendable organisation.

2- For the Challenge

3- For self-discipline.

I’m not the only one doing it- there is a group of 8 University of Glasgow ladies brave enough to take this on and you can sponsor us here:

Remember, if you can’t sponsor us in money then we will be most pleased with other forms of encouragement. For instance, if you happen to have a coffee shop/restaurant – maybe a lunch for us all? Or if you happen to own a spa/beauty salon – a facial for us?(just saying!)

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