How it feels to be a top influencer for Social Media Week’12

I was going to do a vlog recap of Social Media Week ’12 but I wanted to present a Storify of the best tweets so I thought I would do a blog and storify instead! Sorry for the unnaturally long delay but a lot has been going on at my end (not all pleasant!) and I will write about it once it is over.

As you may have seen from my active tweeting and instagrams – I was at Social Media Week Glasgow as part of the Global Social Media Week. From meeting the most amazing people to the most boring organisations, to helping make and star in a ‘Sh*t Social Media Experts Say’ to stop-motion making a gigantic geeky pair of glasses to having twitter debates; I enjoyed the whole experience whole-heartedly and hope people following my tweet-updates did too.

It is always awesome to be recognised for the hard work. From typing on my touchscreen to the hanging by the side of the wall so my LG Prada could charge(at least four times a day) and hanging with an iPad always close by. Synthesio released a report a week after saying… *drum roll*

I was the Number 1 influencer on twitter for Global Social Media Week in the UK and 6th Globally!

Their full report is very interesting. Have a read of that!

As for my experience of Social Media Week – I tried to hold back on the events I attended. I only agreed to help out at 17 instead of 30 *I can see some of you going WHAAAT!*

I created a storify so you can see the best tweets from the week cataloged!(click on this line)

(p.s. Tried to export the Storify but it didn’t work!)

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