ScotVoices – Representing Scotland on Twitter


I had the pleasure of being the second ever curator of @ScotVoices, a @Sweden style project which features a different Scot every week. I didn’t really know what to expect from the experience but now that I am in my last few hours of curation, all I can say is that it was such a pleasure! The chance to represent Scotland is always a pleasure and to do it on twitter was amazing! From holding poll on what Lord of the Rings creature to sharing boring/interesting moments, sharing pictures of the beautiful sights in Scotland to talking about desserts for breakfast – I had a great time talking to over 214 people and reaching an audience of 1673 followers.

Three things that struck me about Rotation Curation:

1- You get a lot more replies than usual. The first time I got 20 replies to one tweet it felt quite overwhelming.

2- A global audience means somebody is always up to tweet to you

3- Every national rotation curation account is different and tells you a lot about the country!

What I discovered about Scotland:

1- New Zealander would happily trade nice parmesan, pine nuts and green pesto we get in Scotland for the sunshine

2- ‘Outwith’ is a word mostly/only used in Scotland and yes it baffles everyone other than us

3- Scottish notes of Pound Sterling are not legal tender

4- People know a lot more about Scotland then just the whiskey and the bad weather

5- Almost everybody watches American TV whether they like it or not.

6- Some people thing Haggis is a real wild animal.

7- Tourists should not refer to Scotland as being in ‘England’. Or wear cheap kilts. Or just visit Edinburgh.

If you want to get a taste of the world without leaving the comfort of your home – follow the national rotation curation accounts. I was surprised to find how many countries have it! I will shortly create a Storify of the most interesting tweets and update this blog with it.

If I spoke to you on twitter this week then chances are you’re going to be in the collage I made. It features 126 of the 216 people I spoke to on the @ScotVoices account!

ScotVoices - 126 of the people I spoke to during my week of curationHave you ever been a rotation curator? How was it for you?

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