Did the #EEBaftas set a new social precedent for award sponsors?

Some weeks back, we saw EE sponsored BAFTA’s in full swing in London’s beautiful Royal Opera House only after a chilly stroll in the snow and rain for the red carpet elite of the film and television industry in attendance.
Let’s break down why I’m writing this:

-EE, the new hot and coming 4G network, was sponsoring British Academy Film 

baftas Awards, the U.K.’s most prestigious movie awards. -EE was going to live-tweet through the BAFTA red carpet.

-For the first time in BAFTA history, EE let viewers enjoy 360º control of the red carpet through their facebook page.  

Why I care: Because EE is cool! They have a more active social media presence than any other network and their marketing is simple and punchy. It is distinctive and that’s a quality I admire in brands.

Every time you see Kevin Bacon or see that emerald green – you know it’s #EE. I like that.

Did EE’s social media plan work? EE wanted to make a splash. Did it?  

For me, the question is not about whether EE made a splash or not, for me it is how big of a splash did EE make. It’s interesting to see how other award ceremonies measure up in social media buzz generation. I’m not sure if that means these events are better but they seem to generate more conversation online.  Unsurprisingly, MTV Video Music Awards was the most social awards ceremony in 2012 with 19.2 million daily activity interactions (Trendrr). This is followed by The Grammy Awards (17.1 million), The BET Awards ’12 (10.1 million), The 84th Annual Academy Awards (4.4 million) and 2012 Teen Choice Awards (2.4 million) and Emmys (1.6 million).

Mentions on the night

Baftas  5,584  vs.  Grammys  6,437

Total number of mentions

Grammys  22,944  vs.  Baftas  16,489

Most Talked about thing at BAFTAs: London, London weather, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway.

Two major controversial moves EE made:

1- EE used sponsored twitter hashtag #EEBaftas versus #Baftas the natural choice and the one previously used.

tweets from 2

 2- EE live-tweeted the results before they were broadcast on BBC.

tweets from

It’s evident the BAFTA’s did not generate as much buzz as GRAMMYs but perhaps that’s what is expected – the music industry is more social. I believe it was not unreasonable for EE to sponsor the usage of the #EEBaftas hashtag. And they had to tweet out the results as they happened as celebrities attending were going to anyway! There could have been more done to encourage a higher adoption of the hashtag. Does the #EEBafta set a new precedent for social media strategy for award sponsors?  It probably does but it’s a baby step towards what we know is becoming a shared consciousness between tv, entertainment and twitter.  

Before we part ways, let me leave you with this GIF style Vine!


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