One week to SenseCamp’13

I was introduced to MakeSense at Oxford Jam in 2011, an unconference where I discovered social entrepreneurship as a way to make money and create sustainable change in the world. Only a few people in my close circle of friends knew anything about social enterprise or were interested in it.

MakeSense opened up a whole network of enthusiastic young people from around the world who were passionate about making a difference through social entrepreneurship. Sensecamp is an opportunity to meet these people and organisations; and to get involved with some of their projects.

Here are some of the wonderful things that have come out of my involvement with MakeSense:

– I spent two crazy days in Paris and learnt from 500 amazing social entrepreneurs during Ashoka Changemaker Week. It was an impromptu trip and a wonderful Sense Makers opened up her flat to me and made me feel at home. This happened even though all she knew about me was that I was a member of MakeSense from UK. I am not a couch surfer – this was a big deal for me.

– I met 5 people through MakeSense who would become one of my closes friends because I found it was so easy to talk to them as all of our passions aligned around making a positive impact on society

– I met one of the inspiring young leader my generation – who is now also a great friend: Christian Vanizette(co-founder, MakeSense)

– I saw an Elephant-man from Mexico dance! I’ll be doing a Hold-Up (a creative brainstorm) for him at Sensecamp.

– I casually ran into the founder of Ashoka, Bill Drayton, and asked him what he did at the conference he had organised and I was volunteering for.. Yes, that did happen.

– My facebook friends list grew by 200 and most of these people have helped me with my projects without having ever met me. That is the power of MakeSense.

Does this sound amazing? You can be part of it too. Meet amazing people for a great day of collaboration and fun at Sensecamp. See you there!

For tickets, go to

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