Who am I?

I’m a 23 year old aspiring changemaker who is sort of getting the whole social media and digital marketing phenomena. Known for a natural flair for entrepreneurship and creativity, I have made a name for myself through a proven track record in events management, marketing and community management. Events are at the heart of action. It is perhaps one of the most powerful way of learning, sharing and creating collectively.

I have been involved with designing, curating and hosting events including casual community meetups, pub talks, hackathons, startup events, networking events, mentoring sessions, corporate drinks to conferences and unconferences with more than 600 people. I am skilled at creating engaging event experiences that are captured through storytelling and impact-measurement for the benefit of the participants and organizers.

Creating partnerships, spotting new business opportunities and nurturing communities is highly satisfying because I feel collaboration is key to creative and effective outcomes. Developing the power of networks relies on creating the right ecosystem to foster relationships between members and encourage the growth of organic community managers. In the past, I have enjoyed worked with startups on events, tailored community development strategies with marketing, customer services ,PR & brand identity in mind.

I am very passionate about giving back to society. I helped foster student startup communities in Scotland since my time as an undergraduate at University of Glasgow and volunteered as a digital literacy mentor. I am the first Scot to become a Startingbloc fellow- an elite social innovation bootcamp in the US. I continue to volunteer with grassroots impact organisations like MakeSense and Startingbloc – exclusive global social innovation networks which help social entrepreneurs solve their problems through events and online crowdsourced solutions. I also founded and co-run http://www.chayn.org on weekends!

If I sparked your interest – please do send me a tweet or contact me through my blog. I’m only a tweet away.

Know anyone awesome who is hiring a Marketeer? (do I need to go on?)? Looking for a business-not-as-usual job that needs an enthusiastic marketing,events and business development professional.

twitter: @herahussain

email: hussain.hera@gmail.com

LinkedIn: just click here

Want to check out my visual CV?  


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